Shoulder and Arm Pain


  • Tingling, burning, or other abnormal sensation
  • Weakness in the shoulder
  • Numbness in the wrist or arm
  • Impaired mobility in neck, shoulder, or elbow


What Causes Shoulder and Arm Pain

A number of things can trigger pain felt in the arm and shoulder. Shoulder instability, dislocation, arthritis, and labral tears can cause shoulder pain. Additionally, a condition adhesive capsulitis (also known as “Frozen Shoulder”) causes severe impairment of shoulder movement. The brachial plexus is made up of nerves that come out of the middle and upper back that supply information to the shoulder, arm, elbows, wrists, hands, and fingers. Nerve damage to the brachial plexus group, sustained during injury of all kinds, can cause pain throughout the arm and shoulder.

How King Chiropractic Can Clinic Can Help

If you have sustained a shoulder injury, applying ice the first 48 hours post-injury will help to reduce inflammation and pain. Once seen by a chiropractor, the source of shoulder and arm pain will be assessed. In the case of brachial plexopathy, sources of impingement of the brachial plexus due to spinal misalignment will be properly evaluated, with the goal of relieving compression on sensory nerves causing pain.