Sports Injuries


  • Extensive stiffness or difficulty moving
  • Headaches
  • Limitations rotating head
  • Muscle soreness


What Causes Sports Injuries

There are a variety of sports individuals partake in, and–as a result–there are a wide array of incidents which result in musculoskeletal injuries. Contact sports often have a higher incident of spinal trauma, largely due to collisions which force the spine beyond its normal range of motion. An additional source of sports-related injury is over exertion and a lack of proper stretching before and after physical activity.

How King Chiropractic Clinic Can Resolve Sports-Related Injury

Chiropractic therapy can have an important role not in not only resolving a spinal injury, but in returning an athlete back to a condition where he or she can resume participation in the sport they love. In order to achieve this, chiropractors use a comprehensive approach, considering the history of the individual and assessing the cause of pain. Spinal manipulation, high-velocity low-amplitude thrust, is commonly used to resolve alignment issues in athletes, but spinal mobilization (low-force treatment) can be applied as well. In addition to tradition chiropractic treatments, lifestyle and exercise routine adjustments can be discussed to achieve a long-term resolution to pain.