Getting your best rest

1.  Your bedroom should look like a cave (no blinking lights on electronic equipment, get rid of clutter and distractions, no TV, dimmest light possible for reading if you must read)

2.  No Caffeine after Noon (12:00) Remember that caffeine has a 5-6 hour half-life.  That doesn’t mean that its affects are gone in that time period, but that half of caffeine’s strength is gone.  

3.  Keep Bedroom Temperature Cool 60-66 degrees.

4.  Create a Bedtime Ritual go to bed at the same time, get up at the same time, avoid stimulation, i.e. heated discussions, probably no politics, etc. in evening hours.

5.  Epsom Salt Bath (1-2 heaping cups of Epsom salts in bath, not too close to bed time, you need time to cool down.  Stay in tub for 20 minutes to allow time for magnesium to absorb.)

6.  Eat a Light Dinner Before 6:30 PM 15-20 grams complex carbs, healthy fats (EVOO, Omega 3’s, flax, walnuts, avocado, grass fed butter) and 4 oz protein, NO SUGAR  If you get hungry before bedtime have  some nut butter and half a piece of fruit.      

7.  Drink Water start with a morning glass of 16 oz and then 5 more throughout day finishing last glass at least half an hour prior to dinner.

8. Expose Yourself to Daylight, especially in the morning.  Get outside more.

9.  Stay Active and Exercise during the day time and try to stay awake.  Find stimulating things to do.  Stay connected with other people, read interesting books, volunteer, etc.  Perform at least 30 minutes of exercise, walking, yoga, hoola hoop,jogging, lifting weights, hiking, whatever physical activity you enjoy.

10.  No more than 30 minute nap during day if you really need one.  Set an alarm or ask someone to be your alarm clock.

11.  Melatonin (start with 1 mg,  up to 9 mg, you must employ all other techniques listed, just increasing Melatonin won’t do it)

12.  Take a Magnesium supplement careful not to over do it.  Mg+2 can cause intestinal upset.  150-200 mg can be tolerated by most people.  Closer to 300 mg and you will likely have a laxative affect.

13.  Mindful Meditation find guided tapes for mindful meditation and practice 10-20 minutes prior to bedtime  Sam Harris, head space app, aura, meditation and sleep

Other resources to help you get your best sleep:  Stasha Gominak, M.D. has a website and workbook that you must check out called Right Sleep.  She has a specific supplement program to help you sleep.  She is not selling the supplements, but shows you how to resource and take them. She was recently on a podcast: High Intensity Health podcast with Dr. Gominak