Health Care is Self Care

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Let me start by stating an old quote: “there is nothing new under the sun.”  I read papers, articles and listen to podcasts every day.  I don’t always remember where the information came from.  My goal is not to plagiarize others and to give credit where due.   I am on a quest to continually increase my knowledge to be better help my patients with their health, as well as improve my own health.  With regard to our health, we can always do more.  As a Portland chiropractor, I talk with my patients about health; to include diet, fitness, peace of mind, happiness, fulfillment, etc. as being on a continuum.  We can make choices to move toward our values/goals or we can make choices that push us further away from our goals.  We can practice self-forgiveness and strive to do better at the same time.  Overall, our outcomes (achievement of our goals) come down to what we practice more often than not.

"Your outcomes are a lagging measure of your habits.  You get what you repeat."

This from James Clear, Atomic Habits

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Health in Portland OR

I tell my patients that health care is mostly (80-90%) self-care.  I can help your joints move better and free up restrictions, and reduce pressure on nerves.    However, what are you doing at home and at work to improve your mobility and stability?  Are you engaged in actively improving posture?  How are the ergonomics at your desk?  Are you suffering from text neck?

Are you slouching in your car, office chair, sofa, and at the dining table?

Do you make time to engage in meaningful, purposeful exercise to strengthen spinal support, your musculature?  Going to the gym is not a necessity.  Exercises to improve posture and health can be performed at home.  My favorite non-gym exercises are: yoga, body weight exercises (pushups, push up plus, pelvic tilt with abdominal activation, dead bug, bird dog, plank, side plank, cobra, superman, wall angels, body weight squats, wall squats, pistols).

Most people do not have the will power to overcome the inertia of their couch or recliner.  I recommend finding time to do your exercises by either, setting an alarm to rise earlier, perform them at your lunch time, or do not get in your chair or turn the television on until you have done your exercises.  Making exercise a family affair could help keep you on track.  Asking family members to do them with you could be fun and a wonderful way for them to support your efforts while improving their own health too.

Maybe you want to go to the gym but are too self-conscious about your current weight or strength status.  Finding a friend or family member to commit to doing it with you is a great tool to aid with follow through and improve outcomes.  Remember that we all have to start somewhere.

For me, the physical part is not difficult.  The mental things like writing this blog or talking in front of people are what frighten me.  Truly, it doesn’t really matter what other people think.  They may never read my words, listen to me, agree with me or like what I have to say, but that is not my problem.  So, I understand others reluctance, fear, avoidance behaviors, etc.  We really only have to take the first step and then attempt to keep on moving forward on that continuum.

I have taken my first step and I hope you will share with me that you have too. For more information call our team at King Chiropractic Clinic in Portland today! I look forward to hearing from you.

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