Dr. King-Tarr was introduced to alternative medicine at a young age by working for her father at King Chiropractic Clinic as an office manager and x-ray technician. Through this exposure, she developed a passion for promoting holistic care and personal wellness. She then pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition at Oregon State University. To further her ability to promote health and wellness in the Portland community, Dr. King-Tarr attended Western States Chiropractic College, graduating in spring of 2009.

Dr. Annmarie King

Chiropractic care

Dr. King became a chiropractic physician by following in her father’s footsteps.  She lived in the east side of Portland, Oregon as her father went to the University of Western States, located in southeast Portland.  Her father introduced his family to a more natural, whole body approach to healing.  She then attended University of Western States and chose to practice in the Southeast Portland area, taking over King Chiropractic.

Nutritional expertise

We have had excellent success with many conditions, ranging from headaches, to neck and upper back pain, low back pain and sciatica, elbow pain, hip and knee pain.  In addition, Dr. King obtained a degree in Nutrition from Oregon State University, to help patients achieve greater over all health through diet and lifestyle counseling.  

Healthy Living

At King Chiropractic Clinic we strive to help you regain your health and vitality through natural, drug free methods. Many clinics you will visit will write a prescription that may mask symptoms of a condition, but does not solve the underlying problem. Dr. King treats pain and discomfort of joints without a need for ongoing, lifelong care.  Although, most people can benefit from lifelong chiropractic care, due to our sedentary lifestyles and habits of poor posture.

"I want to thank you, Dr. King-Tarr, for the excellent care you gave me after I was injured so severely at Taekwon-Do. You went above and beyond what anyone could expect from a chiropractic visit"