Chiropractic Testimonials

Restored Health

"After eight years of seeing an osteopath, medical doctors, and going to a physical therapy clinic and still having problems it was time to try something else. I had experienced a severe blow to the head from a fall. Even though all the specialists I had gone to, tried to help me, the problems were still there and becoming debilitating.

When I first came to see Dr. King I was walking with a limp, unable to wear a bra, had much time loss at work due to pain and was incontinent (loss of bowel control) due to loss of muscle control.

Dr. King’s first step was to take x-rays of my neck and back to identify the problem areas (and there were many). After one week of intense daily therapy Dr. King released me to return to work. I have been able to work full time once again, started driving, lost my limp and no longer am incontinent. I am regaining a quality of life I have not had for eight years. I am feeling better-finally – Chiropractic really works!"

- Lynne J. Burian LPN

Happy Camper

"Dear Dr. King,

I got up this morning and started to clean the kitchen from the previous days painting of the kitchen. When I opened my microwave I noticed a problem that couldn’t wait either. As I cleaned my microwave I had to turn my head and twist my neck in various positions to accomplish a good cleaning. Now one might think this not to be a big deal, just another day of house keeping, a regular duty of a house wife. THERE WASN’T ONE BIT OF DIZZINESS! I’VE BEEN NOTICING SINCE MY LAST ADJUSTMENT, I’M NOT HAVING DIZZY ISSUES! I would have said something earlier, but I’ve been in shock about it and waiting for maybe even a return episode. I am a happy camper."

- Sandra Burton

Still Kickin' It

"I want to thank you, Dr. King-Tarr, for the excellent care you gave me after I was injured so severely at Taekwon-Do. You went above and beyond what anyone could expect from a chiropractic visit – I am sure I would still be having serious neck pain and headaches if I hadn’t seen you. It is so nice having a doctor that understands sports injuries and will not only treat the existing problem but also helps by advising on how to avoid future injuries due to poor posture, lack of stretching, strength training and even nutrition! What can I say but WOW! Everyone should be seeing you….."

- Tania Nance


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